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Division of Abandoned Mine Lands
Standard Details and Specifications

2015 Edition

Standard Details Table of Contents

Standard Details

Technical Specifications - Print Single Sided

January 2017 - Updates and Revisions

Standard Details

Concrete Ditch - Rectangular w/Grate (AML 21-50-3) - Revised 12/2016

Concrete Ditch - Rectangular no Grate (AML 21-50-4) - Revised 12/2016

Non-Reinforced Block Wall - Type II (AML 30-20-2) - Revised 12/2016

Concrete Gravity Wall (AML 30-50-1) - Revised 12/2016

Master Edition of Standard Details Table of Contents - Revised 1/2017

Technical Specifications

Table of Contents and Updates List

Appendix A - Seed Mixes (Revised 12/2016)

Appendix B - Erosion and Sediment Control BMP (Revised 12/2016)

Burning Refuse (Revised 1/2017)

Sheet/Chimney Drains (Revised 12/2016)

Site Preparation (Revised 12/2016)

Water Treatment and Disposal (Revised 12/2016)

Pure Live Seed Calculator - Master (Revised 5/19/2016) - Excel Spreadsheet

July 2015 - Revisions

General Provisions
October 2015 - Revisions

Standard Details
     Non-reinforced Block Wall - Type II (AML 30-20-2)
     Concrete Gravity Wall (AML 30-50-1)
     Debris Barrier Wall (AML 50-20-2)
     Guardrail Panel Wall - Steel Piles (AML 50-20-3)
     Steel Panel Wall (AML 50-20-4)

Technical Specifications

Drilling and Grouting for Subsidence (New)

Mobilization and Demobilization


Temporary Stream Diversion (New)

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