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NAAMLP 2017 Conference

Division of Abandoned Mine Lands

The Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands welcomes you to attend the 2017 NAAMLP National Conference.  Held in beautiful downtown Lexington, the Annual conference will highlight natural diversity and technical innovation, serving as a gathering of AML professionals from around the country.
Please, register and join us in this unique and exciting event.

Online Conference Registration

If you would like to go old school, download the Word or PDF forms to fill out and send in with your payment.
Conference Registration (Word)          Conference Registration (PDF)
We apologize for the delay in online registration, there have been glitches
 (I will be blamed)

Registration Information
It's all the standard information required for every conference: name, address, badge name, business, agency, e-mail, phone number, shirt size, hat size, shoe size, jacket size, your first pet's name, the street you grew up on, are you now or have you ever been a Duke fan. Okay, not shirt, hat or shoe size, you're getting a jacket - but it's wicked cool.
We are serious about the Duke question though, this is for your own safety, you're entering Kentucky. Any public acknowledgement of Duke University or Christian Laettner and the '92 game is likely to cause mass hysteria and rioting (not kidding, we still talk about this stuff, tread lightly). So as a precaution, all conference attendees taking the Town Branch walking tour will be given tasers for protection, please aim carefully and don't hit your fellow guests.

...just kidding, no tasers will be necessary, Lexington is a great town filled with friendly people
even if you do happen to mention Duke University, or even 'He Who Must Not Be Named'
                                                                                               (every team has their Voldemort

Conference Cost
Register by August 15 to get the "Early Bird Special" rate of $375. Registration on August 16 or later will cost $400.
Single Day Registration for Monday, September 25th is $150, technical sessions and banquet night.
Single Day Registration for Tuesday, September 26th is $150, tour and BBQ day.
Single Day Registration for Wednesday, September 27th is $100, 1/2 day of technical sessions.
Registering for a single day event will NOT garner you a wicked cool jacket, so consider your options carefully.
Guest Information
If you have a spouse, significant other, or just one of those mooching friends who will tag along to a conference for a cheap room in Lexington, and they would like to attend the banquet or go on one of the tours, then you can purchase an extra banquet ticket for $25 and/or a Tuesday tour ticket for $75.
A full conference registration is required to add a guest to an event(we can't just give this stuff away)
If you are bringing someone with you but they will not be joining you in any of the conference events, then we do not need to know a thing about them and you can skip the guest registration completely. And if anyone calls - spouse, significant other, mooching friend you left behind - then we can't say anything  about who you're traveling with.

...what happens in Lexington, stays in Lexington
Conference Awards Dinner
The Monday Banquet Dinner will start with some green thingies in a bowl, followed by some cooked green thingies on a plate next to some deliciously cooked roast beast. If you would prefer something other than the Monday Banquet Dinner, in the meal options selections on the registration form you can also choose a  vegetarian option, or if you have another specific dietary need please let us know: Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us.

It's a KFC 2 Piece slung on a plate.
                                                          ....oops, probably shouldn't 've told you that

We have several tours lined up for everyone to learn about and enjoy Kentucky and the best it has to offer. From Louisville to the Red River Gorge we have it covered - A First Lady of the United States, What To Do With A Big Hole In The Ground, What Will Happen To Your Northern White Ash, Horse Power, Blowing Things Up Underground, Watershed Restoration, Active Coal Wash Facility, Distilleries, Racing, Horses and Hydroponics.

Our tours have a lot to offer -

...mostly horses and bourbon, again, not kidding, we have a lot of both
If you would like to be a sponsor or exhibitor for the 2017 NAAMLP Conference, please go to our Sponsor/Vendor page to see the packages available. AML programs from all over the country will be here to talk about the projects and problems they have to work with. It's a great opportunity to showcase what you have to offer
Online Conference Registration
....yeah, yeah, yeah, I know,  'bout         time

Old school paper and e-mail registration, download the forms below.
Conference Registration (Word)          Conference Registration (PDF)

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact KY AML