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NAAMLP 2017 Conference - Call for Papers

Division of Abandoned Mine Lands

 NAAMLP 2017 - Call for Papers and Presentations

Annually, the National Association of Abandoned Mine Lands Programs holds a conference, hosted by a participating member AML Program. In 2017, the Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands is honored to serve as host. The NAAMLP Annual Conference is an opportunity for networking, strengthening ties between member programs, discussion of national issues, and information sharing. Technical Sessions for the conference provide a platform for individuals to share successful, unique presentations related to a broad array of industry and reclamation topics.

This is the First Call for Papers/Presentations to be presented at the 2017 NAAMLP Annual Conference.
The NAAMLP looks forward to an informative and memorable conference.

Suggested AML topics include, but are not limited to:

Reclamation / Safeguarding / Project Implementation
Revegetation/Reforestation Success   -    Partnerships in Reclamation    -   Abandoned Mines - Non Coal
Public Safety Measures on Abandoned Mine Sites   -    Mine Fire or Mine Subsidence Projects
Backfilling Blocked Shafts or Shafts with False Bottoms   -   Innovative/Unique Reclamation Techniques
Non Traditional Design Techniques    -    Techniques in Challenging Public locations
Stream Restoration/Geofluvial Design    -   Physical safety hazard remediation techniques
Beneficial use of Waste Materials & CCB use at AML Sites   -    Dam Safety and Slope Stability
Post Reclamation/Safeguarding Inspections    -    Sediment and Erosion Control
Monitoring and Maintenance techniques and implementatio
Acid Mine Drainage
AMD Characterization   -    AML or AMD Case Studies    -    Resource Recovery from AMD

Geophysical Methods or Investigations    -    UAV usages in AML activities
Integration of GPS/GIS/LiDAR Technologies    -    Digital Collection of AML data    -    Inventory Technique
Technology innovations for AML problem analysis and project implementation

Endangered Species Issues    -    Wildlife Habitat Enhancements    -    Wetland Mitigation

Economics / Policy
AML Program Policy Issues - AMLIS    -    OSM Oversight - TIPS/NTTP Training
Partnership Coordination - NEPA and/or Public Participation    -    Economic Development at AML Sites
Grayfields and/or Brownfields and AML
    -    SMCRA renewal - Overall Public Relations

Cultural / Historical
Coal Mining Heritage/Historic Preservation    -    Archeological issues and preservation
Property Access Issues    -    Citizen Involvement in AML issues/projects    -    Mining History

Pilot Projects / Re-mining / AML Enhancement
AML Pilot Projects - Impacts    -    Coal Refuse Reprocessing    -    Good Samaritan legislation
AML Projects / Incidental Coal Extraction

Abstract proposals should be submitted in PDF format, 300 words or less, and in Times New Roman size 12 font. Please include the presentation title, along with the presenters name, title, organization or company, business address, phone number and email address.
Abstracts should be emailed to: Justin Adams at
Presenters will be notified when final presentation material is due. Details pertaining to the final presentation format, speaker guidelines and other presentation information will be provided to authors and/or presenters at the time of abstract acceptance.
Although not required, if you are interested in presenting, to facilitate scheduling we ask that you make early notification with your anticipated topic. If you are with a state or tribe and intend to present please indicate if you are applying for an OSM award or participating in the NAAMLP business meeting. Presentations are anticipated to be 20 minutes with five minutes of questions to follow.
For more information or for questions please contact:
Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands