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Division of Abandoned Mine Lands

Erica Crosby, Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety​ ​​

Stephanie Randolph (Adam Wells)    Program and Grants Officer
Fred L. Ramey - City Manager, Norton​ VA,   Lesa C. Baker, Interim AML Project Coordinator
Marissa Lautzenheiser    Watershed Coordinator, Rural Action

Marissa Lautzenheiser, Middle Tuscarawas River Watershed Coordinator; Michelle Decker, CEO

April Elkins - Director of Operations, Yolande Norman - Chief (Adam Wells)

Andrew Harley    Principal Scientist
Anne Daymut    Watershed Coordinator
Beth Wheatley    Director of Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy
Chris Rice    SolSpec Solutions

From Pen and Paper to GIS and Drones
Robert Ghigllieri    Nevada AML Chief

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Are Changing The Way People Collect Data
Glenn Anderson, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet​

Kyle Willard    Kentucky Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement (DMRE)

Christopher Bobryk    Environmental Specialist

Constance Lyons Loucks    Environmental Program Manager
Daniel Wedemeyer    Environmental Specialist III
Dave Hallman    Principal Geological Engineer
Dave Hallman    Principal Geological Engineer
Eric Michiels    Global Director - Mining
Eugene Trio    Mining Engineer
Gerard Schmidt    Senior Civil Engineer General

Jim Hild    Geophysics Manager
Kaabe Shaw (Jeff Calhoun)    Project Office - Acid Mine Drainage - Ohio Abandoned Mine Land Program
Kuni Chen    Director Nature Vest

Michael C. Korb, P.E.    Senior Mining Engineer
Mohamed Gamal    Principal Engineer

Tilak Shrestha, Buddhi Gyawali, Jeremy Sandifer, Ken Bates​

Understanding the Impact of Spatial Scale on Measurements of Biological and
Properties of Reclaimed and Former Mine Areas

Wesley Dement M.S. Student - University of Kentucky

Justin Anderson, P.E.   ​  Paul Travis, E.I.T., P.L.S.

Microbially Self-Selecting Wetlands in a Box – Biological Water Treatment System
Colin Lennox, Biomining Products

The Oral History Project of Utah Mining​​
Jan Morse - Utah Abandoned Mine Land Program

​Plenary Session Speakers